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The Majestic Range - A Guide To Our Grass - Long & Luscious

We have a range of artificial grasses to suit all budgets and tastes. Whether you are looking for a long, luscious pile to admire or a shorter pile suitable for lots of activity, we are sure to have the grass to suit.

We'll discuss all of our Majestic range over a series of blogs.

We'll begin with the highest quality grasses we have, the long and luscious.


Carnoustie (4m wide)

The jewell in the crown, Carnoustie is the highest quality grass grass in our collection.

Carnoustie boasts a deep, dense pile (40mm height), making it a weighty grass and sure to stand the test of time and looking fantastic for years to come.

Manufactured in the UK, you can be sure of a top quality product with Carnoustie.




Augusta (4m & 5m wide)

Despite a slightly shorted pile height than Carnoustie (38mm), Augusta sits up there with Carnoustie in terms of quality.

It is similar in weight and comes with the added bonus of being available in both 4m and 5m widths!

It really is the perfect grass to suit most gardens.