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The Majestic Range - A Guide To Our Grass - Mid-Range

We have a range of artificial grasses to suit all budgets and tastes. Whether you are looking for a long, luscious pile to admire or a shorter pile suitable for lots of activity, we are sure to have the grass to suit.

We'll discuss all of our Majestic range over a series of blogs.

To follow up on our first blog, we'll now be looking at the mid-range grasses.


Lytham (4m wide)

Lytham is a 40mm artificial grass that offers both a luxury deep pile, but also a comforting, soft to the touch pile.

It has dual green strands which give it a long and luscious visual appeal for years to come.

Available in a 4m width.



Mere (4m wide)

Mere is an excellent choice for a mid-range grass. With a 36mm pile height, it is shorter than other grasses, but it doesn't lack in quality from this.

The slightly shorter pile makes it perfect for both active family use and just enjoying its aesthtic appeal.

Available in a 4m width.


Birkdale (4m wide)

A 40mm artificial grass that is a little different from the rest. Birkdale has slightly thicker strands than our other grasses, which give it a unique look and feel compared to the rest

Suitably stable and resilient for all uses.

It is available in a 4m width.