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Terms and Conditions

10 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

Lawns4Living guarantees artificial grass purchases for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, providing that the prescribed maintenance is carried out (see our ‘artificial grass maintenance manual’).

Installation of the artificial grass should be carried out as per our installation guide, failure to follow this guide excludes your 10 year warranty with artificial grass.

Included in this warranty:

Abnormal wear.

Abnormal ageing.

Resistance of the artificial grass against normal weather influences.

Resistance of the carpet against rotting under normal conditions.


The 10 year warranty shall be valid, provided that the following conditions have been met:

The surface is only used for the application that it is designed for and not used for different purposes in general. All of our products are designed for residential use of no more than 2 hours per day of light physical exertion.

The surface has been used with appropriate flat soled footwear (no spikes or sports soles) and not used during frost < -15°C.

The surface has not been used or exposed to excessive sunlight and temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade.

The infill (if any) should only be a fine aggregated sand.

Secondary product appliance such as adhesives, joining tapes, u-pins and weed membranes are that of what Lawns4Living retails.

The cleaning and maintenance of the artificial grass carpet is in accordance with our ‘artificial grass maintenance manual’ found on our website.

A claim cannot be made under the warranty if: The surface has been subject to vandalism, chemical attack, fire, natural disasters, mechanical fibrillation, excessive usage, excessive heat or light etc. Damages to the artificial grass carpet are due to improper design or installation of the sub base of the sports field or court. Wear or abrasion of the artificial grass carpet are caused by an inadequate sub base. Lawns4Living will not, in any case, be held responsible for any chemical reaction to the fibres caused by infill materials or external product appliance.

The warranty only refers to the material damage to the artificial grass carpet itself, and relates exclusively to possible repair or partial or complete replacement of the artificial grass carpet, as required by the circumstances. Any product repairs or replacements performed under the terms of the warranty shall not lead to any extension whatsoever of the warranty.


The 10 year warranty lifetime of the product depends on the intensity of use of the artificial grass and the climate weathering conditions. Weathering is defined as the response of a material to an outdoor environment, which can result in deterioration & influence the lifetime of the product. The primary factors that influence weathering are a combination of the local solar radiation, temperature & moisture effects. In the product the effects of weathering are prevented through the use of special UV — additives. The weathering durability is assessed through standardized test procedures. Factors that influence the life expectancy of the product are; Correct installation, Maintenance of the turf (for example no excessive use of chemicals or harsh detergents. The product has a limited warranty, depending on the geographical location & the situation where it is installed. For the purposes of this warranty, a product will be deemed to have maintained it's UV-durability if during the specified warranty period; if the original tensile strength of the product does not decrease by more than 50%, if the change in colour compared to the original colour is not lower than three on the grey scale test. An independent adjudicator is require to examine and provide a full report on their findings where a claim is made. The fees of the external adjudicator are to be paid for by the customer seeking the claim, where claims are successful this will be reinstated by Lawns4Living however this will not be where unsuccessful. If the findings of the report are that the provisions of this warranty lead to partial or complete repair, we'll cover the cost in accordance with the following conditions:

Years After Purchase / Installation

Refund Given

< 1 year

max. 100% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 2 years

max. 85% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 3 years

max. 70% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 4 years

max. 55% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 5 years

max. 40% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 6 years

max. 20% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 7 years

max. 15% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 8 years

max. 7% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

< 9 years

max. 5% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

<= 10 years

max. 1% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.

> 10 years

max. 0% of the invoiced amount of artificial grass.


The warranty cover will automatically lapse if maintenance or repairs are carried out by third parties, unless this is with the written consent of Lawns4Living. A complaint within this warranty should be communicated to Lawns4Living in writing within 30 days after detecting the default to the artificial grass, by mentioning the kind of default. Upon filling in the form below to make a claim, please send this to either or to ‘Lawns4Living, Whinfield House, Centurion Way, Preston, PR25 4GU’. We will acknowledge receiving all claims within 7 days and the customer will be notified of future proceedings there forth.


Making a Claim


Any product subject to claim must first be instructed in writing. A product complaint form must be completed, providing photographic evidence of the alleged fault. This must be accompanied by an invoice number & proof of purchase. At no time will the Company be liable for delivery, uplift or installation charges irrespective of the nature of complaint.


Lawns4Living in conjunction with our manufacturer's information on our landscaping artificial grass products suggest a 10 year period of wear on all products with a pile height in excess of 20mm under normal usage when installed in a residential area of low to medium traffic.


The warranty indicates that the product installed will not suffer significant, unusual or premature deterioration within the warranty period offered when installed in a residential area of low to medium traffic.


Please completed this form and file with Lawns4Living within 7 days of the completed installation.